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Running USSD code on an Android Smart Phone

On some mobile phones you cannot run some USSD codes, it may concern *100# or *1111# etc. Two weeks ago, I started looking for a solution but I could not find! Today good news arrived! Solved the issue and that is why I choose to post it for they who are also looking for a way to run USSD on their android mobile.

First of all I would mention that USSD codes helps us interacting with our network provider, getting some information about the phone and its manufacturer... Given the rising number of manufacturers and network providers, conflicts may occur. You may face a situation where a same combination of USSD code has two actions (one for asking your balance that will be addressed to your network provider, another to display your phone’s IMEI for example). Such situation may result in nothing working or displaying unexpected data.

Another reason why USSD may not run as wished is the security reasons. When I was looking for solution to this issue, I have read somewhere (don’t recall where) that android OS has especially disabled some USSD codes for security sake: that is, we will overtake all reasons preventing us from running USSD codes.

How did I solve the issue? In short, I installed an app through Google play. The name of the app I installed is USSD Dialer but it is not the only one that can help. I found too many other applications but I haven’t given a try.

How to install USSD Dialer? Go to your phone’s menu, locate the android market or Google play app, then you need to search our app installer by typing “USSD Dialer” in the search text box and launch the search. If everything is okay, you will see USSD Dialer in the list of search results. Click the icon to display details, and then install it and youpi!! Congratulations!

To test if USSD code runs now, open your dialer as if you want to perform a call, type the non-working USSD codes and there you go!

If this doesn’t work, feel free to write me and I will assist you. Please provide a link to this page in your message.

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